COVID-19 Update
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Health & Safety Protocols for Selva Verde Lodge & Private Reserve

COVID-19 update

At Selva Verde Lodge, the health and safety of our guests and our staff have always been paramount, and due to Covid-19 we are taking additional necessary precautions. We have implemented protocols per the guidelines of health and tourism authorities in Costa Rica. As a rainforest lodge, Selva Verde benefits from extensive grounds, facilities, and common areas which allow for people to move about in the open air and with good social distancing capability and wonderful natural ventilation. Below are the steps we are taking to provide confidence for our travelers to visit us with confidence.

Safety protocols:

  • All public areas, high contact areas and heavy traffic are cleaned and disinfected every hour and thoroughly. 
  • All staff members must wear face mask or visor protective equipment for their own protection and that of others. All staff are required to report and report to management and health officials when in doubt about a possible COVID-19 infection from themselves or from others (including guests).         

  • With our Florex cleaning and disinfection product provider we prepare a cleaning and disinfection program for all areas of the hotel.         

  • All staff and guests maintain a distance of 6 feet (1.8 meters) whenever possible. If this is not possible, protective equipment such as the use of a face mask is required at all times.         

  • All staff members are monitored daily through temperature controls. Strict hygiene measures are applied, such as frequent hand washing with antibacterial soap for all personnel in accordance with our health and safety protocols.         

  • We minimize physical contact points and keep the exchange of any item between guests and staff to the absolute minimum ( check-in, check-out, payment, services, etc.) will apply.

  • Disinfecting alcohol gel disinfection stations are located near each room module, public areas, and staff areas.         

  • The programs for the management and maintenance of recreational water, swimming pool, remain unchanged with respect to ordinary procedures, following the regulations. The capacity will be maintained to meet the safety distances. The areas outside the pool as well as the shower and the floor will be cleaned and disinfected.           

  • All transfers will be private and the vehicle interiors will be cleaned and disinfected between trips.         

  • The allocation of rooms is carried out guaranteeing the required hygienic disinfection measures.         

  • The laundry protocols are updated to comply with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, using temperatures above 60 ° C and the products recommended by Florex.         

  • All meals will be served a la carte with ample space (2 meters or more) between tables and food hygiene protocols will be further reinforced. 

  • Meals are mainly served in our restaurant and tables and chairs are disinfected after each seat. Only customer catering service is allowed.

Protocols for hikes & tours:

  • All tours and activities will be offered in a “Semi- private" format or allowing a safe distance between guests and staff. No more than 8 persons per tour.         
  • The guides must use alcohol gel and / or all disinfectants for personal use in each activity         

  • As a welcome protocol, a client information process must be carried out with measures adopted.

  • The guides will ensure cleaning and disinfection of surfaces or equipment (tripods, telescope, camera, etc.).         

  • The cleaning and hygiene measures of frequently touched surfaces, binoculars, flashlight, etc. will be intensified.         

  • Avoid sharing personal items, otherwise disinfect immediately after use.         

  • The guides will ensure social distancing in the groups that are attended.         

  • The groups will not be more than 8 people.         

  • Carry out one-way tours to avoid group crossings.         

  • Minimum distance between other groups of at least 15 meters.         

  • Avoid contact and manipulation of your belongings.         

  • Wear clean work clothes or uniforms daily.           

  • The guides must wear EPP and latex gloves.

  • It is important, for your own safety, when handling waste, using PPE and gloves.