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COVID-19 Update
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Meet our newest member of the naturalist guide team at Selva Verde!


Randy Gomez AlvaradoRandy Gómez Alvarado

Randy Gómez Alvarado studied eco-tourism throughout high school in Puerto Viejo, Sarapiquí. He will be working in the Natural History Department at Selva Verde, as a tour guide facilitating hikes in the trails of 500-acre Selva Verde Rainforest Reserve. Randy comes from a family of conservationists who have instilled in him their passion for nature from a young age. Randy’s uncles also played a major role in his decision to become a naturalist. With prior freelance experience working in tourism and guiding, and expert knowledge on birds and the importance of their protection, Randy’s experience out-measures his age by far. His knowledge and skill are rivaled only by his passion for guiding, for wildlife and for supporting the conservation of the tropical rainforest ecosystems that he calls home.

Randy considers the rainforest of Selva Verde to be one of the finest in Costa Rica, as it provides refuge to an abundance of flora, fauna, and maintains a variety of critical habitats that are essential to biodiversity.

We’ll see you at the lodge soon, and hope you get the opportunity to meet Randy in person!