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Team 1/Route 1 “Team 1/Route 1: Ronald Jiménez Saborío (team leader) (center), Feliciano Suárez Murillo, Juan José Umaña, Ingrid Quirós Vargas, Joser Rodríguez, Melany Ocón Rojas (left to right).”Team 1/Route 12019 Christmas Bird Count at Selva Verde Lodge

On December 14th, Selva Verde Lodge naturalists and friends were extremely pleased to participate in the annual Christmas Bird Count (CBC). The CBC is a survey of birds taking place every year in December at points all around the Western Hemisphere by volunteer birdwatchers. In Sarapiquí, the Count is organized by the nearby La Selva Biological Station and Selva Verde is assigned a route that includes the Lodge ground and reserve as well as neighboring areas. To cover as much ground as possible, Selva Verde had three teams on three different routes. All together the Selva Verde groups saw 204 species and a total of 1762 total birds seen by 14 participants. Selva Verde even added a totally new bird to its list, the Bay-headed tanager


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The blue-gray tanager

The blue-gray tanager (Thraupis episcopus) is one of about 230 species of tropical and subtropical tanagers, and one of the most common and unmistakable birds in Costa Rica. It is a generalist frugavore (fruit-eater), found in a great variety of different habitats, most often in pairs.

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Selva Verde's Certificate of Sustainable Tourism

Selva Verde Lodge receives ‘Elite’ status in Certificate of Sustainable Tourism Program (CST) developed by the Institute of Costa Rica Tourism.

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The Selva Verde Story

Selva Verde began with one woman's dream of preserving nearly 500 acres of endangered tropical forest and the multitude of species that call it home.