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High Praise for Selva Verde’s New Bridge


Andrea and Giovanna Holbrook on SVL new bridge

In October, we shared the exciting news that our bridge that connects Selva Verde Lodge with the Rainforest Reserve was being fully restored to ensure its permanence for decades to come.

We are thrilled to announce that the bridge reconstruction is finished! The finishing touches are complete and the final coat of paint has been painted-- it’s in full working order. Once again, the link between the lodge and the magical world of the rainforest exists to connect visitors with the abiding beauty and abundance of the forest.

The project, started back in July of 2017, maintains nearly all of the same dimensions and design as the original bridge. Crossing the Sarapiquí River, the bridge spans 170 meters in length from the entrance to the beginning of the forest, but has been made a few centimeters larger in width. The location of the bridge as well as the towers on either side of the river is also the same. The main cables, flooring, siding and railings are all brand new.

SVL new bridge blog

In June of 2015 a flood hit the Sarapiquí River, near Selva Verde. While it did some damage to the lodge, because of its prime location the bridge miraculously was left unscathed. Although, the flood actually shifted the main flow of the river towards the southern bank, the bridge is positioned at a very narrow point of the Sarapiquí, making it less susceptible to erosion, flooding and changes in water levels—for this reason it will maintains it same location.

It should also be mentioned, the bridge not only serves a passageway for visitors-- it’s a corridor for wildlife as well. During the evening it’s not uncommon to Coati-Mundi’s and other nocturnal creatures taking a “short-cut” across the Sarapiquí Rive via Selva Verde’s bridge!

While this news of the new bridge has significance logistically, for many of us it has sentimental value as well; memories old and new have been made there. I am thrilled to announce that once again our connection between Reserve and Lodge is totally renovated and ready to receive the many adventurers going back and forth. We look forward to your comments during your next visit!