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COVID-19 Update
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Upcoming Events

What’s happening at the SCLC?


Nueva Cocina CECOSThe Learning Center gets a remodel!

We are happy to announce the SCLC has a newly renovated outdoor kitchen area. The new kitchen has expanded on the original and now measures approximately double the size. This comes as relief, as the old kitchen was becoming too small to accommodate all the students as the cooking classes at the center have grown. One of our volunteers, Susan Drew, has generously donated an oven to the center and will be facilitating adult baking classes, slated to start in September of 2018 and will run in three month segments. The classes will focus on baking basics, including learning how to bake different types of cookies, as well as incorporating individual interests of the students. Sessions will be held once a week, for three hours, and to start there will be five groups total each with a designated day for instruction. If demand increases the classes will expand to ten groups, maxing at out at five students per group, with classes being held twice daily.

World Book Day was April 23rd:

World Book Day– the Learning Center celebrated by inviting people to become library cardholders and gave away a free book! We currently have 40 official library members – we are trying to reach our goal of 300 by the end of 2018!

Dia del Libro CECOSReading books CECOS

Ongoing events:

English Classes are on!

At the learning center, one of the flagship programs has always been (and continues to be) offering English as a foreign classes. These classes are so important because they help community members in critical ways, especially in regards to their professional development—English comprehension is a vital skill for entering the tourism field. In total there are approximately 55 students enrolled, including adult and youth participants. Classes are carried out in five-month blocks and run from February 12- July 13 of this year. There are basic, intermediate and advanced levels; adult classes are held four days a week for two hours in the evening and youth course are held every Saturday for 2 hours as well.

The Mobile-Book-Bus or Bibliobus comes through Sarapiquí!

The bibliobus is essentially a traveling library that provides services to educational centers that don’t have a library. Typically, three per year, where inside, the bus is set up like an actual library and it’s the only one of its kind in the entire country! Children and young adults have the opportunity to spend time in the mobile library, reading and engaging in other educational activities. This year the Bibliobus will be making visits on, July 17th and September 11th of this year.

Stay tuned for updates on potential new programs in the works! 

  • Letras y Pinceles (Letters & Brushes)
  • Aves y Comunidad (Birds and Community)