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New tourism office, CATUSA, opens in Puerto Viejo, Sarapiquí


Founded in 1994, CATUSA or Cámara de Turismo de Sarapiquí (Sarapiquí Tourism Chamber), was initiated with the aim at promoting tourism and sustainable travel in the Sarapiquí region, while also supporting conservation efforts and research taking place. The organization is comprised of individuals and businesses involved in tourism in Sarapiquí, among them Selva Verde Lodge (SVL) Since its founding 14 years ago, CATUSA has participated/planned many initiatives to help realize this goal, including organizing the first National Forum of Eco Tourism, with help from the Institute for Costa Rican Tourism (ICT).

After many years of aiding sustainable tourism initiative, CATUSA has a home of its own. The local chamber celebrated its new office opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on March 15, with funding from the ICT and the local municipality for Sarapiquí. Selva Verde donated supplies for the new office.

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(from left to right) Rossy Valverde, Executive Director CATUSA; Irina Kausch Director of the Facility Program of the GIZ Costa Rica agency; Orlando Brenes Vice Mayor of Sarapiquí


The office is centrally located in the town of Puerto Viejo and will serve as visitor’s information center for travelers in the Heredia/Sarapiquí region. CATUSA provides information on accommodations, restaurants, and activities, as well as general information on the region of Sarapiquí. We spoke with Johana Arguello, President of CATUSA, to hear her thoughts on this groundbreaking accomplishment:

“The opening of the 'Management Center for Sustainable Tourism of Sarapíquí' is an important step for the tourism business sector of the cantón, as well as for the entire commercial sector in general, that has a direct and indirect relationship with tourism. CATUSA, entity in charge of the administration of the management center, has as vision to continue positioning tourism in a strong way, to work in trainings and offer the Sarapiqueño new opportunities so that it can be part of a very dynamic sector that continues to grow and that is the driving force that impels the canton and the country to improve the quality of life of their communities.”