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COVID-19 Update
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Upcoming Events

What’s happening at the SCLC?



Baking Classes are on!

We are happy to announce the SCLC has a newly renovated outdoor kitchen area. The new kitchen has expanded on the original and now measures approximately double the size. This comes as a relief, as the cooking classes at the center have grown and the old kitchen was becoming too small to accommodate all the students.

Baking class SCLC 1

One of our volunteers, Susan Drew, has generously donated an oven to the center and is facilitating adult baking classes, which begin in September 2018 and run in three month segments. The classes focus on baking basics, including learning how to bake different types of cookies, as well as incorporating individual interests of the students. Sessions will be held once a week, for three hours, and to start there will be five groups total each with a designated day for instruction.

Baking class SCLC 2

Check out the progress below:


Words & Pictures Workshop

Letras y Pinceles: We have started our program called “Words and Pictures” in partnership with the Linda Vista local school. With the help of a donation from Bill Bagshaw the SCLC will be working with this school over the next several months to do reading and craft activities with the children and the families. At the project’s end, a book with a story or picture from each and every child in the school will be printed and given to the student. Every student will experience what it is like to see their own work in print!

Workshop SCLC

Sock puppets SCLC


Computer Classes are on!

Through the local municipality we are offering classes for local women.

Internet classes SCLC

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