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Selva Verde Naturalists take part at ECOFEST 2019



On September 3 our naturalist guides Melany Ocon Rojas and Randy Gómez Alvarado were part of the creation of mud spheres at ECOFEST 2019 with the help of other institutions and schools. They helped form approximately 1,500 spheres that will be released this September 22 in the Sarapiquí River.


The ECOFEST is a sustainable festival that takes place annually in the district of Sarapiqui, where Selva Verde Lodge & Private Reserve is located. The purpose of the Ecofest is to motivate people to raise awareness about the conservation of our natural resources, and take care of our abundant flora and fauna. Additionally, the festival promotes the tourism strength and potential that the area has through many cultural activities throughout the festival such as concerts, educational talks, arts and crafts, and cultural activities of all kinds. 

The mud spheres environment project is designed to reverse the pollution of our rivers through release of mud spheres that contain microorganisms that promote healthy rivers. The project encourages the communities of Costa Rica to use the concept of bioremediation as another alternative to reverse river pollution. Using mud balls treated with effective microorganisms (MS) that treat mud contamination in the bottom of the channel and that allows to recover little by little the flora and fauna of the place, using bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

Ecofest2Selva Verde Lodge will have important participation in an important project for the conservation. The goal is to instruct and involve the community in types of activities that benefit us all and allow us to continue enjoying our natural beauties.

This project has been spreading over the years and is currently present in Spain, Greece, Malaysia, Croatia, Japan and now in Costa Rica with the advice of Takatsura Nishikawa, a Japanese bioremediation expert.