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Room Renovations at Selva Verde Lodge



In September of 2019, Selva Verde completed the renovation of eight Sarapiquí rooms surrounding the screened-in conference room. The eight renovated rooms were the first ones built at the lodge. The rooms were enlarged, insulated, and given a fresh new look.

SVL renovation room 1

By October of 2020, an additional 20 Sarapiquí rooms will be renovated. Part of this project will be completed in May and the other part in September and October. The renovation will be completed in blocks so that noise and disturbance will not affect the other areas of the lodge. All rooms will be fully insulated with double-paned windows, screens, and ceiling fans.

“Most of the Sarapiquí rooms were built in the early 90s with a design that has really stood the test of time. Being elevated above the forest floor and connected with covered walkways — this has been an ideal structure that allows guests to have a nature walk — rain or shine — just by walking from their room to reception or the dining room,” says lodge board member Andrea Holbrook. “That architecture stays the same. However, it was time to work on refreshing the rooms and updating them.”

SVL renovation room 2